1. M. Kravanja (SLO)
    I'm a proud owner of two dalmatian girls. The youngest is from kennel Obsidian Snowflake,my precious Indy. If you are considering owning a dalmatian puppy and want a healthy dog, Jelena's kennel is the right kennel for you. You will not only get a puppy from her but also a great friend,who will be there for you. Either by offering an advice or just for a casual chit chat. By having one of her puppies I also gained a wonderfull friend and I wouldn't change that for anything.
    M. Kravanja (SLO)
  2. M. Gmajnic (HR)
    Zahvaljujemo se Jeleni na našoj predivnoj Didi, svakako preporučujem ako želite dragog i socijaliziranog peseka ovo je najbolja uzgajivačnice Dalmatinskog psa! Hvala Jelena!
    M. Gmajnic (HR)
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