Our puppies
We plan our puppies very carefully so we wouldn't miss even the smallest detail.  We start by choosing the parents according to their pedigree and phenotype, preparing all the paperwork (including health certificates and mating permissions), getting the kennel ready for the future Mom and her babies (whelping box, special food, toys). We are in constant contact with our vets who are involved in every way (planning the right days for mating, controlling the pregnancy, helping with babies delivery if needed, regular puppy vaccinations and microchipping...). 
Special care is taken for our puppies to be socialized so they stay inside the house with us until they leave to their new families. We gradually work on exposing them to different situations (physical contact with people and children, adult dogs, driving in the car, walks in the shopping center,  different sounds). We want all our puppies to be ready for the world expecting them with their new families! :)
All puppies leave our home vaccinated (infections + rabies), microchipped, BAER tested, with pedigree and pet passport and a puppy kit.
If you are interested in our puppy, I will gladly put you on the puppylist. When the puppies are 8 weeks old, developed and BAER tested, we will together choose the best match for you :)
  1. OS Amber Jewel - Indy
    OS Amber Jewel - Indy
    ​I'm a proud owner of two dalmatian girls. The youngest is from kennel Obsidian Snowflake,my precious Indy. If you are considering owning a dalmatian puppy and want a healthy dog, Jelena's kennel is the right kennel for you. You will not only get a puppy from her but also a great friend,who will be there for you. Either by offering an advice or just for a casual chit chat. By having one of her puppies I also gained a wonderfull friend and I wouldn't change that for anything. M. Kravanja (SLO)
  2. OS Amazon Queen - DiDi
    OS Amazon Queen - DiDi
    Zahvaljujemo se Jeleni na našoj predivnoj Didi, svakako preporučujem ako želite dragog i socijaliziranog peseka ovo je najbolja uzgajivačnice Dalmatinskog psa! Hvala Jelena! M.Gmajnić (HR)